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Vol 29, No 113 (1986) '?' and 'if... then...' Abstract   PDF
Alex Blum
Vol 35, No 137-138 (1992) 'Ought' and other restricted necessities Abstract   PDF
Ian Hinckfuss
Vol 9, No 34 (1966) A basis for set theory Abstract   PDF
Bede Rundle
Vol 19, No 74-76 (1976) A Begriffsschrift for sentential logic Abstract   PDF
John Evenden
Vol 5, No 19 (1962) A binary primitive in deontic logic Abstract   PDF
Lennart Aqvist
Vol 32, No 127-128 (1989) A boolean-valued version of Gupta's semantics Abstract   PDF
Marie La Palme Reyes, Gonzalo E Reyes
Vol 27, No 107 (1984) A Brentanian basis for Lesniewskian logic Abstract   PDF
Peter M Simons
Vol 55, No 220 (2012) A calculus for Belnap’s logic in which each proof consists of two trees Abstract   PDF
Stefan Wintein, Reinhard Muskens
Vol 25, No 97 (1982) A canonical model for S2 Abstract   PDF
M J Cresswell
Vol 30, No 117-118 (1987) A causal approach to explanations Abstract   PDF
Erik Weber
Vol 53, No 209 (2010) A certain consequence relation for solving paradoxes of vagueness Abstract   PDF
Krystyna Misiuna
Vol 21, No 81 (1978) A change of style in French appellate judgments Abstract   PDF
Lyndel V Prott
Vol 7, No 28 (1964) A classification of categorical propositions Abstract   PDF
Chr Klixbüll Joergensen
Vol 29, No 113 (1986) A companion to modal logic — some corrections Abstract   PDF
G E Hughes, M J Cresswell
Vol 25, No 100 (1982) A completeness proof for porte's S^0_a and S_a Abstract   PDF
Charles F Kielkopf
Vol 28, No 109 (1985) A completeness property of negation less intuitionist propositional logics Abstract   PDF
A J Dale
Collective agency, games, and STIT logic: new developments and applications A completeness result for the implicit justification stit logic Abstract   PDF
Grigori K. Olkhovikov
Vol 36, No 141-142 (1993) A completeness theorem in deontic logic with systematic frame constants Abstract   PDF
Lennart Åqvist
Vol 19, No 74-76 (1976) A computer program for determining matrix models of propositional calculi Abstract   PDF
Ross T Brady
Vol 29, No 113 (1986) A constructive approach to dyadic standard deontic logic Abstract   PDF
Arnold A Johanson
Vol 55, No 220 (2012) A contextual type theory with judgemental modalities for reasoning from open assumptions Abstract   PDF
Giuseppe Primiero
Vol 54, No 213 (2011) A converse Barcan formula in Aristotle’s modal logic Abstract   PDF
Charles J Kelly
Vol 10, No 38 (1967) A correction to Mackie's natural deduction Abstract   PDF
M K Rennie
Vol 46, No 183-184 (2003) A Critical Exposition of Isaac Levi's Epistemology Abstract   PDF
Allard Tamminga
Vol 38, No 149 (1995) A decision procedure for von Wright's OBS-calculus Abstract   PDF
Filip Buekens
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