A new four-valued approach to modal logic

Jean-Yves Béziau


In this paper several systems of modal logic based on four-valued matrices are presented. We start with pure modal logics, i.e. modal logics with modal operators as the only operators, using the Polish framework of structural consequence relation. We show that with a four-valued matrix we can define modal operators which have the same behavior as in pure S5 (S5 with only modal operators). We then present modal logics with conjunction and disjunction based on four-valued matrices. We show that if we use partial order instead of linear order, we are avoiding Lukasiewicz’s paradox. We then introduce classical negation and we show than defining implication in the usual way using negation and disjunction Kripke law is valid using either linear or partial order. On the other hand we show that the difference between linear and partial order appears at the level of the excluded middle and the replacement theorem.

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